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Special Note Regarding Fraud:

Please know and understand, when placing an order with Tinker & Rasor, you and your company are responsible for paying the invoice. Tinker & Rasor is not responsible in any way if your customer is a fraudulent party, using a stolen credit card or in any other way defaults on payment.

Lately, we have seen an increase in fraudulent orders from people claiming to be from American universities. We have been able to save ourselves from fulfilling these orders because the users have e-mail addresses that DO NOT end in “.edu”. Usually the address is something like, “purchasing@someuniversity-edu.com”, or something similar. On more than one occasion, a legitimate order to Tinker & Rasor comes through one of our established customers or distributors, but is drop shipped to a fraudulent customer. Please be sure you know who you are dealing with when ordering from Tinker & Rasor.

Ordering Information

Tinker & Rasor has decided to not use online ordering. We enjoy speaking with our customers, and hope that you will call us and discuss your needs with us directly. However, as time and distance can make calling the Tinker & Rasor office difficult at times, here is a list of ordering options and helpful information when ordering.

  • Order by fax: 1 + (909) 890-0736
  • Order by Phone: 1+ (909) 890-0700
Please Do Not Send Credit Card Information VIA Email
More Information on Ordering:

When sending us credit card information, please use the fax machine. We do not recommend ever using e-mail to send credit card information.

When using a credit card to make your purchase, we require the following information:

  • Card holders name as it appears on the card
  • Card number
  • Card Expiration date
  • Credit card billing address: Street address, or post office box, province/state/postal code (Zip Code)/Country
  • Security code on credit card (See Below)

The card security code is called different things by different cards. (CVV2 for VISA, CVC 2 for MasterCard and CID for American Express). The card security code is a security measure credit card companies recommended to help prevent fraud. This information is necessary for purchases where the card is not present. For more information about how to locate the security code on your card, click here and for more information about your cards security features, please follow the link to your credit card company’s website:

We only accept the following credit cards:

American Express



International Customers:

Due to the increasing amount of credit card fraud worldwide, we require additional information for credit cards issued outside of the USA and Canada.

If the order originates outside of the USA or Canada, or the card is issued outside of the USA or Canada, we require all the above information, plus a photocopy of both sides of the credit card itself, faxed to the attention of the sales person at Tinker & Rasor: +1 (909) 890-0736

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with giving all this information to others, and so all orders outside of the USA and Canada may also be paid for via Wire Transfer (TT, WT) to our bank account. Please ask your sales representative about this payment option.

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